Leading European Operator has once again upgraded CovMo™ to include Handset and Roamer Analysis

By July 15, 2013News

Cambridge, MA, July 15, 2013– Groundhog Technologies is once again proud to announce that a leading European mobile operator has decided to upgrade their CovMo™ solution. CovMo™ is the market leader in geo-location solution, and it is most notable for its indoor capability and accuracy. The operator has been utilizing CovMo™ on a daily basis since 2011.

Last year the operator upgraded CovMo™ to enhance its Self-Optimizing Network (SON) capability. While in operation for a year now, it has proven to be a great asset for network optimization and the enhancement of subscribers’ Quality of Experience. The operator has reported that significant improvements were achieved on the network performance by its SON after the introduction of CovMo™.

This latest upgrade allowed the operator to gain automated Roaming and Handset Analysis. The upgrade provided additional valuable insight to end customer experience without needing to manage and install various applications on each individual handset.

The Roaming Analysis allowed the operator to understand the roamer distribution, and facilitated the carrier in the enhancement of the roaming steerage; leading to the overall improvement in the Quality of Service. Furthermore, by utilizing the Handset Analysis capability, the operator was able to manage and view the network efficiency based on the phone model types. The rendered data also served as a benchmark to help minimize the impact and assisted in troubleshooting when a new handset model was introduced into the market. This was a valuable tool for the operator when dealing with various marketing strategies while leveraging different brands of mobile phones.

Based on breakthrough research in Chaos Theory and the 23awarded patented, CovMo™ became the first geo-location system able to differentiate and identify indoor issues accurately. The system has consistently been validated and applauded by various operators for its indoor accuracy. It was also proven to be the most accurate geo-location system in the market based on various bake-offs conducted by several operators.

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