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RealMotion™ Solution for Public Health enables current and historical mobility insights of the population to provide government authorities, public health experts, and researchers with a holistic assessment of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact. RealMotion™ is a government’s long-term solution that saves lives by timely and efficiently assisting responsible professionals to understand and control the spread of the deadly Coronavirus, now and with the expected follow on waves of infection. RealMotion™ identifies where infected persons have been before, during, and after infection. It monitors and correlates the location of potential new outbreaks, groups at risk, compliance of stay-at-home recommendations, tracks antibody and eventual vaccination results, and much more.


RealMotion™ offers a series of analysis ranging from fully GDPR-Compliant anonymized use cases – to detailed predominant use cases required by the governments in a state of emergency. RealMotion™ lets governments decide which use cases to enable according to the data available for the system, as well to conform to local privacy regulations. Be prepared with RealMotion™ for the pandemics of the future as well as for the threat of biological warfare.

Infection Footprint
Infection Footprint
  • Historical where and when of patients
  • Alarm to exposed persons
  • Stay-at-home compliance
Travellers Monitoring
Travellers Monitoring
  • Inbound traveller monitoring
  • Overcrowded detection
  • Lockdown compliance
Asymptomatic Persons Detection
Asymptomatic Persons Detection
  • Who are potential asymptomatic persons?
  • Risk assessment
Infection footprint

Infection Footprint

RealMotion™ analyses the mobility of all handsets, calculated based on the signalling data required for sustaining the operation of wireless networks. Using mathematical modelling and AI techniques, RealMotion™ turns mobility data into actionable intelligence against COVID-19.

Historical where and when of patients: Determine specific at-risk locations and times.

Alarm to exposed persons: Identify and alarm people who potentially stayed at the same location during specific time intervals as infected patients. RealMotion™ significantly reduces false alerts with specially designed algorithms.

Stay-at-home Compliance: Monitor people’s movements within quarantine or stay-at-home areas. Automatically detect violators to alert relevant authorities. RealMotion™ dramatically reduces false alarms during massive scale monitoring using AI techniques.

Travellers Monitoring

Mobility is highly correlated to the spread of COVID-19. RealMotion™ helps prevent the spreading of the virus by monitoring travellers’ compliance with regulations.

Inbound traveller monitoring: Monitor and track upon arrival at airports travellers’ returning from high-risk countries (with a level 3 travel health notice). Efficiently monitor travellers’ mandatory or self-regulating quarantines.

Overcrowding detection: RealMotion™ helps in supporting social distancing by immediately identify locations that are getting too crowded by visitors, and alarm people moving in that direction. Using mathematical modelling RealMotion™ distinguishes between residents – and – visitors at a location to provide meaningful and accurate recommendations.

Lockdown compliance: During emergency lockdown periods, identify where people are breaching lockdown orders to enable enforcement measures to protect the effort being made by all citizens.

Travellers monitoring
Asymptomatic Persons Detection

Asymptomatic Persons Detection

Up to 30% of COVID-19 infected persons are having mild or no symptoms. It can take a few weeks to a couple of months until asymptomatic infected persons are no longer contagious. Asymptomatic persons could contribute significantly to causing secondary waves of contagion.

Who are potential asymptomatic patients: RealMotion™ allows efficient identification of potential asymptomatic persons, who could have infected multiple persons without knowing.

Risk assessment: Prioritize COVID-19 testing based on the likelihood of being an asymptomatic person; and those that an asymptomatic person has been in contact with on a regular basis.