Groundhog Technologies concluded another successful project for VoLTE planning

By March 3, 2014News


Cambridge, Massachusetts, March 3, 2014 – Groundhog Technologies today announces another successful delivery of its project for VoLTE planning, using CovMo™ VoLTE planning module.

The key goal for this planning project was to identify suitable location to deploy VoLTE.

CovMo™ advanced geo-location technique and its VoLTE planning module accurately determined the candidate areas for VoLTe planning and prioritise the cells for VoLTE deployment. From use cases more than 95% of identified locations are confirmed as right candidate for VoLTE deployment as per operator commercial. CovMo™ made a suitable correlation of cross radio access technologies data and assisted operator to get end to end QoS for LTE voice calls.

Customer voice – CovMo™ provided us a co-ordinated view across technologies and got benefits in terms of better QoS and defined a brand way for network planning using subscriber geo location data.

CovMo™ is the industry’s first geo-location product which supports multi-technology networks from 2G, 3G, to LTE.

CovMo™ geo-locates network traffic and events to high resolution. Based on breakthrough research in Chaos Theory, CovMo™ applies a new way to pin-point network issues and various KPIs with high geographical resolution and accuracy, using big data available from the live network. CovMo™ is also the industry’s first geo location solution that can detect indoor-specific issues based on multi-dimensional modelling. The capability to differentiate indoor issues from outdoors is especially important for LTE network optimization and troubleshooting because the majority of data traffic happens indoor, while conventional approaches such as drive test are more applicable to identify outdoor issues.

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