Groundhog Technologies announces Demonstrations of Cloud-Native O-RAN Geolocation Solution at MWC Barcelona 2024

By February 22, 2024Blog, News

Groundhog Technologies is delighted to announce the inclusion of its cutting-edge cloud-native geolocation solution in the O-RAN virtual exhibition at MWC Barcelona 2024, the world’s largest and most influential connectivity event scheduled to unfold at Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, from February 26 to 29, 2024.

Established in February 2018, the O-RAN Alliance has evolved into a global hub for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), vendors, research institutions in the Radio Access Network (RAN) industry. Pioneering the transformation of the RAN sector towards openness, intelligence, flexibility, virtualization, and complete interoperability, Groundhog Technologies has actively contributed to the O-RAN Alliance since 2019.

Groundhog Technologies takes pride in its role in advancing O-RAN industry standards, enabling the telecommunication industry to boost a more vibrant RAN supplier ecosystem, fostering innovation. The core principle of openness has increasingly attracted more operators and vendors’ focus since the increased virtualization of wireless networks; particularly for the buildout of 5G infrastructure.

Our cloud native O-RAN geolocation solution, CovMo™, excels in accurately pinpointing user equipment locations and mapping the radio conditions in near-real time. This precision ensures the identification of factors that may lead to suboptimal user experiences for all equipment connected to the network. CovMo™ stands out in RAN optimization, VIP care, and the implementation of next-generation network rollout strategies.

As a leading provider of AI-powered mobile big data analytics, Groundhog Technologies aligns with the O-RAN approach by offering a data-rich and vendor-agnostic platform. This platform supports network optimization and facilitates industry use cases for data monetization while continually enhancing usability.

Groundhog’s unwavering commitment to O-RAN provides critical network visibility, supporting operators in the transformation to more interoperable and virtualized RANs. This commitment not only fosters successful deployments but also fuels innovation within the market, setting new standards for excellence.

For further insights into our O-RAN solution, please visit the following link: CovMo™ – Cloud Native O-RAN Geolocation Solution and the Seamless Transition to 5G SA


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