Combatting COVID-19

Our RealMotion™ solution for Public Health enables mobility insights to significantly reduce the coronavirus spread and save lives as countries gradually relax lockdown measures.


Nimbling Your Network

We are a leading global provider for AI-powered mobile big data analytics. Our solutions enable unmatched visibility into the mobile network, providing operators with holistic insights to deliver superior customer experience and accelerate their 5G deployments.


Mobility Intelligence

Our Mobility Intelligence Platform provides operators with deep insights on subscribers’ mobility and usage behavior. It is the solution that will help them achieve optimal network performances and transform their rich data assets into monetizable business opportunities.


The mobile operators’ preeminent Geo-Location choice for identifying and resolving the multitude of challenges facing RAN Network optimization, VIP care, and small cell strategy. Combining the Geo-KPIs and proven superior accuracy, the customer-centric application allows the operator to better understand the quality of service from the individual subscriber’s perspective.

RealMotionTM for Public Health

RealMotion™ reveals and visualizes the subscribers’ movement from Geolocation data to go beyond conventional Contact Tracing. To combat the COVID-19 pandemic, RealMotion™’s Public Health Solution specifically enhances public-private partnerships that empowers operators to identify infected individuals, retrace infected locations as well as detect asymptomatic carriers. Quarantine and curfew analysis are also provided as a proactive approach to assist operators and government agencies in keeping the spread of the infection low.

Mobility Intelligence
Data Enrichment Platform

Transforming Mobile Network Operators'(MNOs) rich datasets into business intelligence for internal or external clients. Our Data Enrichment Platform analyzes micro and macro locations, from specific building to whole cities, at a scale and reach that can only be achieved by MNOs.

Mobility Intelligence
Demand Side Platform

Transforming unstructured subscriber’s mobility data into advertisement-ready lists of targeted customers. The aggregated data output keeps subscribers’ personal data anonymized, enabling the operator to be a competitive player in the Mobile Advertising Ecosystem.


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For two decades, Groundhog Technologies has been a leading provider of mobile big data analytics for the world’s leading mobile operators. Today 10 out of the top 20 mobile operators globally are our customers. Our innovations have enabled stakeholders to increase efficiency across a range of technical and commercial value drivers and maintain a high level of service for their customers.

February 18, 2021 in Resources

Unlocking 5G: Dynamic Spectrum Sharing

Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) plays an essential role in facing spectrum availability and coverage issues. It allows adapting the existing 4G LTE deployments to coexist with 5G NR and share the same low-band spectrum used exclusively by LTE today. Leveraging the most advanced 5G Planning module on the CovMo platform, DSS utilization can be analyzed and forecasted. This allows operators to activate the DSS in the right sites and ensure the most optimized DSS implementation.

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December 28, 2020 in Resources

The future of Drive-Test after COVID-19 – Virtual is here to stay

CovMo enhanced Virtual Drive-Test (eVDT) provides a cost-effective solution that disrupts the conventional optimization process by enabling automated network testing, which has been critical during the COVID-19 crisis. Furthermore, with the normalization of remote technologies adoption, the switch to eVDT will seamlessly assist operators in continuing network testing in a post-COVID world.

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October 29, 2020 in Resources

Understanding Network Data: Trace Data

Trace data record mobile network events. By leveraging this data in conjunction with the power of Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to track each connected mobile location continuously. RealMotion™ allows precisely geolocating the network events with no impact on network load to deliver actionable mobility intelligence insights that help solve health crises and generate business opportunities.

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August 26, 2020 in News

CovMo™ Leap: The Most Advanced, 2G to 5G Geolocation Solution in EMEA

In the 5G era, Groundhog Technologies has accomplished another great achievement for CovMo™ Geolocation. The seamless 2G to 5G deployment for one of the largest operator groups in EMEA is another testament to Groundhog’s expertise. The implementation allows the operator to monitor the quality of experience (QoE) and geolocate the subscribers across all Generations simultaneously on one centralized platform. This will help provide a holistic view of the mobile network quality and performance.

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