Mobility Intelligence Platform™ Supports IoT devices

By 1 月 10, 2018News

Cambridge, MA January 10, 2018

Groundhog Technologies Inc. is proud to announce that IoT devices are now supported by its Mobility Intelligence Platform™ (MI-Platform). In cooperation with multiple tier-1 operators, Groundhog has deployed its patented positioning algorithms to identify locations of all types IoT technology devices, such as NB IoT, on a 50m x 50m resolution.

The MI-Platform serves as both a passive and active location monitoring service without the need of GPS. This allows IoT tracker devices that require location-based services to remain lightweight and agile while still able to maintain long battery life up to a week. The increased flexibility of the MI-Platform has assisted many operators in branching into new markets and revenue streams. In one collaboration with an Asian operator Far EasTone Telecommunications, one of these new value-added services was to monitor the location of the elderly with dementia, young children, and pets. The program was rolled out commercially in July 2017 to assist in locating loved ones that could potentially go missing. The great feedback and success of the project have contributed to the increased profits generated and gained market share for the operator in that country.

Groundhog Technologies continues to be at the forefront of Location Based Services (LBS) with the implementation of IoT support. The Mobility Intelligence Platform™ can now assist operators in tracing, geo-fencing, advertisements, weather, gaming, and civic services of all IoT devices. For information, please contact us at

About Far EasTone Telecommunications

Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET) is a leading company in Taiwan that provides telecommunications and digital application services. FET firmly adheres to the core values of trustworthiness, agile, innovation, and collaboration.

FET keeps on improving in numerous areas, including talent cultivation, product services, infrastructure, and business models, to further enhance its communication technologies and eventually become the industrial leader in 4G technology. FET continues to introduce comprehensive products and services so that consumers can fully enjoy extraordinary user experiences with FET‘s 4G LTE network.

About Groundhog Technologies

Groundhog Technologies is the leading provider of Mobility Intelligence. Our solutions can reveal the locations, Quality of Experience (QoE), context, and lifestyles of all mobile users in the operator’s entire network 24×7. This carrier-grade platform continuously transforms billions of daily network events and petabytes of data into ubiquitous intelligence. This invaluable knowledge empowers our partners to improve services and generate new revenue streams by enabling various applications for Geo-CEM, Geo-Analytics, and Geo-Targeting. Since 2001, Groundhog Technologies has been helping the foremost operators in the world to maximize their network and business potential.