Geo-Targeting with MI-DSP™

For Mobile Network Operators who want to step into the Mobile Advertising marketplace, Groundhog Technologies offers a mobile carrier Demand Side Platform (DSP) integrated with a Telco-Specific Data Management Platform (DMP) which empowers Digital Advertising Units to become leaders in this industry.


Audience targeting with 500+ IAB compliant labels

Data encryption and anonymization to ensure Personally Identifiable Data (PID) protection.

Real Time Bidding Engine based on deep learning algorithms with 100+ features.

Connected to programmatic Ad Exchanges for global ad inventory, and supporting multiple ad formats; including Display, Video, and Native.

Automated audience targeting, re-targeting, and optimization.

Campaign measurement and attribution (online and offline) in cooperation with 3rd party ad monitoring partners.


  • A Plug & Play DSP software solution for Operators to launch Digital Advertising Services with a fast time-to-market timeframe.
  • Empowering Mobile Network Operators to compete head to head with other native-digital advertising giants.
  • Expanding the possibilities of Telco Advertising Services beyond traditional SMS and MMS ads to the highly demanded digital ad formats.
  • Brings advanced Ad Tech software to Telco’s datacenter environment where the data resides.
  • A platform that is Privacy Data Protection compliant, no data is exposed nor transferred to the external environment.