Geo-Analytics with MI-DMP™

For Mobile Network Operators who want to monetize the value from their nation-wide location data, Groundhog Technologies is the Mobility Intelligence provider that can transform subscribers’ mobility, interests, and traffic patterns into 24×7 market intelligence for internal and external applications.

Unlike other Big Data platforms, Geo-Analytics from Groundhog Technologies is a multi-functional platform capable of fulfilling demands of market intelligence and consumer insights for a variety of segments. With its flexible architecture, Geo-Analytics analyzes micro and macro locations, short and long timeframes, focusing on one or multiple target groups at a comprehensive level that can only be achieved using data from operators.

We partner with leading companies in this field to give mobile operators a turn-key solution.


Portrait of consumers’ mobility 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year

Consumers shopping patterns and behaviors.

Footfall analysis and catchment area of target groups across multiple competitors’ stores.

Analysis of specific target groups’ behaviors, e.g. foreign tourists.

Predictive analytics of target visitors’ behavior based on observed patterns, lifestyles, interests and many more.

User-friendly interface with interactive charts.


  • A Plug & Play analytics solution for operators to enter the Big Data Analytics Industry.
  • Enables new revenue generation via monetization of existing and non-utilized data assets.
  • Materializes operators’ competitive position as a leading provider of analytics, with a larger scale of data and depth of insights that surpasses most competitors. Predictive Customer Behavior Modeling further enhances the added value of insights provided to end users from private and public sectors.



Groundhog Technologies’ Geo-Analytics platform allows comprehensive footfall visualization that is not limited to individual stores, but it is capable of providing analysis of consumers’ footfall across stores throughout the day, week, month, and year. Analysts can identify hot zones, hubs, catchment areas, and commuting routes on an interactive map, and apply these insights to decision making processes.



Geo-Analytics standard user interface reveals visitor volume, visitor profile, visiting time, duration and frequency. Aggregated and anonymous data enables operators to provide periodical business intelligence reports to shopping malls, department stores, supermarket chain stores, clothing stores, event planners, and government agencies in charge of smart city projects, mass transportation planning, public services planning, among many others.

Detailed visitors’ behaviors are shown in interactive charts.